132 Nama Playlist Spotify Aesthetic dengan Bahasa Inggris dan Indonesia

Buat kamu yang sedang mencari ide nama playlist Spotify, ada beberapa rekomendasi ide nama playlist Spotify yang aesthetic hingga nyeleneh.

Omong-omong, saya punya playlist di Spotify, namanya adalah “Me and My Broken Heart”. Sungguh alay sekali. Saya bikin itu tahun berapa ya, sudah lama. Soalnya sekarang lebih sering menggunakan Resso daripada Spotify.

132 Rekomendasi Nama Playlist Spotify

ide nama playlist spotify

Agar lebih mudah mencari nama yang sesuai, saya akan mengkotak-kotakkannya dalam beberapa kategori. Berikut adalah rekomendasi nama playlist Spotify tersebut:

A. Nama Playlist Spotify Lucu

  1. Studiyadiyadiyadi
  2. Adopt Me!
  3. I’m an idiot sandwich
  4. 5 pm on a Friday and I’m still lonely
  5. She Said She like K-pop, so do I
  6. Hi, I’m awkward Person
  7. Bitch, I’m a Ghost!
  8. I need Servant
  9. Emotional Damage
  10. Songs that hit harder than my Dad’s belt
  11. Don’t listen to Men, listen to music
  12. Now i need songs
  13. No Harry, but style
  14. Cutting Onions
  15. I’m ashamed of my life
  16. Hi Baby Gorilla
  17. I love me too
  18. I’m sexy but i’m single
  20. Heyyyyyy

B. Ide Nama Playlist Spotify Aesthetic

  1. L life W playlist
  2. Mascara but Music
  3. He broke I’m up
  4. Main character moments
  5. Press Play
  6. Songs i hella relate to
  7. Eargsm
  8. Happy Hippo
  9. Disco Eyes
  10. missyou.com
  11. Happy Pill
  12. No face no case
  13. I Lisa You
  14. Sinner
  15. Lovie Dovie
  16. Romanticizing my life
  17. Faves
  18. F A R W A Y
  19. Chillin’ like a Villain
  20. Bohemian
  21. Nir.va.na
  22. Philophobia
  23. Flirtationship
  24. Textrovert

C. Nama Playlist Spotify Sad dan Galau

  1. Leave! I’m Sad
  2. Sm:(le
  3. Screaaaaaaaaaaaam
  4. Dancing With Ur Ghost
  5. Miss You More Than Life
  6. I’m Ugly
  7. Running Out of Reality
  8. 15 Million Tears
  9. It’s okay Angel, cry your heart out
  10. My life totally like a drama
  11. Medicine
  12. Making my mascara run
  13. Smells like Nostalgia
  14. Wow. Lol. That hurt
  15. Crying in the club
  16. Right person, wrong time
  17. No singing, just screaming
  18. Can’t Breathe
  19. Shock and Denial
  20. I can’t talk
  21. Silent treatment
  22. I’m “ok”

D. Nama Playlist Spotify Indonesia

  1. wkwkwk bngt
  2. Nyesek gada obat
  3. Agak nyesek, tapi selalu GPP
  4. nt lagi nt lagi
  5. Not bad lah ya
  6. Udah bolak-balik FYP
  7. Gw villain-nya
  8. Cuma enpici
  9. Full Senyum
  10. Mental gue stabil
  11. Selamat malam Sayangnya orang lain
  12. Selamat Pagi, Malam
  13. aaaaa ini bagus bangt
  14. Pilon
  15. Galau Brutal
  16. Selamat Patah Hati
  17. Ngantuk
  18. Buat kamu, Kak.
  19. Ayo sposess bareng
  20. Bikin salting
  21. Rindu membabi buta
  22. Candu
  23. Coba deh dengerin
  24. Galau yuk?
  25. Yang Terbaik Untukmu
  26. Lagi Ngetrend, Nih!

E. Playlist Spotify untuk Crush

  1. Why does everything reminds me of Him?
  2. So in love with a person that I even know
  3. The moon is beautiful isn’t it?
  4. U are my Kryptonite
  5. Love now, cry later
  6. Did my make up for this
  7. Ur lips my lip
  8. Xoxo
  9. It was always you
  10. Will u be my valentine?
  11. I love your music taste
  12. I made you a playlist
  14. Talk to me, please!
  15. He’s a 5, but his music taste akhhh
  16. Here we go again
  17. my honey bunny sweety but actually you are not mine
  18. You are mine, but i’m not yours
  19. Me as a girlfriend
  20. I only talk to one girl

F. Ide Playlist Spotify Keren

  1. Max Volume
  2. Daily serotonin
  3. My vibranraniums
  4. My Taste
  5. Listen don’t read
  7. I’m dangerous
  8. Safe the sound
  9. Dance, baby!
  10. Lived
  11. I loved you
  12. Her
  13. AS YOU
  14. Let it flow
  15. Not sad, just bored
  16. Me deserve better
  17. Flirt. Lust. Love
  18. even YOU!
  19. Be nice to yourself
  20. Elite Vibes
  21. Date my playlist

Udahlah, capek. Itulah nama playlist Spotify dari mulai yang aesthetic, lucu, sedih, keren dan yang berbahasa Indonesia.

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